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KDP Select and Instafreebie – a caution

I’ve been talking to people a lot about the new promotional methods out there while we revamp the blog (you’ll notice that all bar a few articles are still up on the site for now – they need updating, to the point that we’re actually setting up some new projects and doing something new for y’all.  It’s a huge revamp, but I’ll talk about that in a separate post later in the week.).  For now,Learn More

Thanks for ten great years (and the wind down), Samhain

A casualty of the changing writing market, Samhain announced today that due to a decreased market share, they would be closing, in a staged wind down.  They’ve asked that writers stick by them, and that they’re committed to paying as they always have. Some of my favorite books have come from Samhain Publishing, so I’d just like to say thanks for the great books, and the amazing escapes you provided guys, and I hope, whereverLearn More

What’s in a press pack and why do I need one?

As many authors are trying to gain traction, one of the major things I recommend is a perfect press pack.  And they’re EASY! What’s in a press pack Your ‘press pack’ should be a two part thing – one zipped package with everything in it so that you can add it to an email if you guest post or need to provide information about your writing. So, here’s a little list of the things youLearn More

Interview! Meet Troy Lambert

Real recommendations from industry insiders – stuff writers *really* need. Hi there – please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about what you do? Troy Lambert – Thanks for having me. I’m an author, but I am also an editor, and a researcher and analyst. I do consulting for small museums and non-profits as well. Primarily I edit for publishers, but I have branched into some freelance editing. That’s really interesting!  It’s always greatLearn More

Four things indie writers need to stop doing right now

The Indie Author Community is a great place to be right now.  There’s never been a better time to be a writer, in my opinion, and there are some really smart and engaged people out there. Unfortunately, there’s also a dark side.  And there are four things from the ‘dark side’ that I’m here to say that indie authors really need to stop. Disavowing all professional help at any time – while I totally understandLearn More

How to send your new subscribers information – Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an incredibly powerful tool – whether you’re using it as the free version, or the paid version, you can do a couple of really neat things with it. One of the most powerful is welcoming new subscribers.  Paid Mailchimp subscribers can set up auto responders to send out an email to subscribers as soon as they subscribe.  But there is a way to almost duplicate the same action on free Mailchimp. Why wouldLearn More

Five tips to increase your reach on Facebook

Facebook recently announced an update to the Facebook algorithm, which triggered lots of complaints in various places. One of the most interesting articles (and one of the pieces with the most discussion on this in various places ) was “New Facebook Rules will Sting Entrepreneurs“. What was interesting though was that not everyone actually saw the change as a negative thing – lots of people see their feed being cleaned up and having less spamLearn More

Introducing everything you need to be a better writer

Introducing the brand new advice, interview and fun site, Stuffwritersneed,

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