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stray allyHi there – please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about what you do?

Troy Lambert – Thanks for having me. I’m an author, but I am also an editor, and a researcher and analyst. I do consulting for small museums and non-profits as well. Primarily I edit for publishers, but I have branched into some freelance editing.

That’s really interesting!  It’s always great to talk to a writer with varied experience.
Given that background, what do you think writers really need?

T.L. – Ah, that would fall into two categories. The first would be passion and drive, and that translates into other things like work ethic and patience. But physically? A writer needs a time, place, and a method to write that works for them. Those things vary so much from person to person I would hesitate to name one of those things that works for everyone. But everyone needs them.

What software can’t you live without and why?

T.L. – There are two pieces I use all the time. I use several others every day, but the top two are ones I could not do my job, at least as well as I do, without. The first is Scrivener, hands down. It is the best writing software I’ve found that works for me. It tends to work well for many writers once they get past the learning curve. (It’s really not that hard) The second is, and nobody shoot me, Microsoft Word. I use it for editing and for a larger portion of my contract research work. It’s powerful, most of the time underutilized, and one of the best tools I have in my arsenal.

How do you organise yourself? Are you paper and pen, or do you use tech to keep yourself organised?

T.L – I get asked this a lot, mainly because I am a busy man. And the answer is both. I use calendars: Google and Outlook; I use LeanKit to track projects; Rescue Time for time tracking and time management; and I have an old fashioned wall calendar with stuff written on it, and a whiteboard with my to do list and other items on it. I’ve used other programs for specific projects as well: BaseCamp for project management, and Aveendo for Event Planning. I also use OneNote and EverNote to record my thoughts on the run.

What are your favorite places to get information relevant to you?

T.L. – This is a tough one. I subscribe to and watch tons of publishing and writers sites, the ones I find reputable, and I am a member of several Facebook groups where this stuff is posted. I would say Publisher’s Weekly, Poets and Writers, K-Boards, and a few Indie Author sites would top the list.

If you could only have one thing, what would it be?

T.L. – I’ll answer this tech wise, and say if I had to have only one device it would be my convertible laptop/tablet. It is the most versatile, if not the most powerful, and with cloud storage I could work anywhere and survive. I don’t know that I would want to give up my dual monitor powerful desktop, but it’s hard to carry around in a bag.

What are you working on right now?

T.L. – I’m finishing up the draft of two books, the editing of two books, and ironically in light of this interview, a short novella length project called “The Typewriter Repair Shop.”

What’s one challenge you’re trying to solve right now?

T.L. – Biggest challenge at the moment? Time management and goals for next year. The biggest problem I have is not saying ‘no’ enough. That’s really my biggest challenge going forward.

Thank you for taking part in the questionnaire, please tell my readers where they can find you, what you do, and where you’d like them to visit.

Ah, thanks for having me. I can be found at, and also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, and often at my local liquor store buying fine Scotch.


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