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stuff writers need - start with a pen and paperIs this you?

Problem: I don’t know where to start as a writer, there’s so much advice it’s overwhelming




Problem: Everyone giving me advice is suggesting stuff that I don’t think is right.




I want to get it right from the outset, but the advice I’m getting isn’t clear.


I think we’ve all been there at one point or another.  In fact I think every author looks at all of the groups and pages and blogs and books with a bit of helpless confusion at first.  Do you trust someone that talks about being a guru?  Well, that depends on why they’re talking about their expertise.  If it’s to convince you that they can make you number 1 on Kindle, or any other site, the biggest question you should probably ask is where their books are.
The vast majority of writers who claim they’ve cracked the Amagarthm might just be doing stuff they shouldn’t.  And leaving you with that after they’ve taken your money is a bad thing.

I’m not an guru, but I DO have expertise.

I’ve spent the last few years supporting writers online and helping them understand a few things – one book isn’t enough, it’s rare to make it big without more than one book (median seems to be between 4 and 7), and that social media is absolutely critical to reaching readers, as are blogs.  And over the last few years, I’ve been distilling this stuff down into the bare bones.  Now, I  think I want to write about the important stuff and share it with you.
Stuffwritersneed is a writer’s site – I’ll talk about everything from software to treats and downtime, good reads and the best places to get advice.  I’ll share books from indie authors, do blogger takeover days and more.
Syndicated from elsewhere, we’ve also got specific marketing advice and a blog that i share with one of my best friends, talking about everything indie – there’s obviously some overlap, but I’ll make sure you get to see it. 
And of course, I’ll be interviewing other writers to find out what they think people need.
Welcome to the blog!



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